KY e-Services for Payroll & Sales Tax

In this golden age of technology, there isn’t much you can’t do online: from buying clothes, ordering food, heck, even getting an eye exam – all without ever speaking to a person. So if you can do all of these incredible things from your couch, why in the world should running your business be any different?

Enter: The Kentucky One Stop Portal. From this handy website you can set up virtually all of your business accounts online, including:

  • Sales Tax
  • Transient Room Tax
  • Withholding Tax (filing on the WRAPS system)
  • Corporation Income tax
  • LLET

This website makes filing and amending your returns as easy as pie! To get started, click here and select ‘Begin your registration,’ then create an account.

Already have a One Stop Portal login but no sales tax account? Once you get logged into the system, select your business name, then the ‘Tax Administration’ tab. Above the list of your existing tax accounts is a button for “Apply for Additional Accounts.” This will take you straight to the online application.

And of course if you have questions, there will be a real live person to speak with by calling the One Stop Help Desk at 502-782-8930.

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