Tips on Raising Financially Independent Children [Video]

We searched our Vlog archives to unearth some hidden treasures. In this oldie but goodie, Johanna shares her personal success story on raising her sons to be financially independent.

It hasn’t all been success, though. In this video, Johanna refers to the post Money Mistakes I’ve Made, where she bares her soul to show that we all have a “history”.

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Getting Organized [Video]

With back to school, fall sports schedules, and life in general, you might feel like you’re sitting in the middle of a merry-go-round and can’t get off.  While we can’t help pack Susie’s lunch or take Billy to football practice, we can help you get your tax records organized.


She gives you some tips to help get your tax records organized now, and keep them organized, so that when year end rolls around, you can enjoy Christmas break with the kids instead of shuffling through paperwork for tax season.