How to Calculate Proper Paycheck Withholding

In this month’s video, I explained a couple of the goals when we complete a tax projection for clients.  For some taxpayers, a tax projection can have many moving parts making the assistance of a tax advisor essential.  For others, this process can be completed without outside help.  The main category of people that this would apply for is those with W-2 jobs.  To help those folks out, here is a step-by-step guide to calculating whether you have the proper paycheck withholding.  This is a good basic plan for anyone and can be tweaked for more complicated circumstances. Continue reading

199(A) Case Study #1

[This post starts a multi-part series on the new 199(A) deduction.  Be sure and check out our blog during the second week of each month to see the next case study. If you are looking for the basics of what this deduction is, please check out this post.]

 Today’s case study is going to look at how marital status impacts the 199(A) deduction for physicians who earn their income as 1099 contractors. Continue reading